Increasing the Value of Information with Fine Grained Security for Data Marts

Knowledge intensive industries, such as Pharma, Banking, Insurance, Media and Energy, increasingly rely upon timely access to integrated information for innovation and product development, as well as the marketing of new products and services. Critical decision making processes within these industries are based at least in part upon the value proposition that providing more stakeholders with greater information access drives more effective business outcomes.

The associated paradigm shift from ‘need to know’ to ‘responsibility to share’ holds the promise of increasing the value of information that is currently locked in corporate or application-specific silos. However, this integration of enterprise data poses new challenges for information security.

Key Takeaways:
  • How ABAC can increase agility for handling policy changes, consistency of adjudication decisions and comprehensive auditing of information access
  • How the XACML standard works when applied to a SQL database

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