Making a Business Case for Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC)

Cut Costs, Streamline Access Control and Achieve Compliance.

Are you looking to shift your access control approach to handle today’s complex IT environment? Or maybe you’re find you’re already spending too much time and money managing access control and it’s not meeting your security expectations?

In fact, we see many security architecture teams across the Fortune 1000 estimate that some 20-40% of security architects’ and developers’ labor hours are spent managing access control. Multiply that by an ever-increasing portfolio of applications, databases, APIs, user permissions, and the average Fortune 1000 company is looking at spending far too much of their annual budget on security costs.

This business case will help you identify the benefits for your enterprise of shifting to the dynamic, policy-based approach that Axiomatics provides. A quick read ideal for the C-Level, Security Architects and IT Security managers.

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